Paragliding in Bir Billing

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  • Duration: 1 day

Paragliding is an amazing adventure which can fulfil one’s dream to fly in the air like a bird. To fly a paraglider one need hard practice and good amount of time and knowledge of Paragliding to perform this adventurous skill. Paragliding becomes popular in India, especially in Bir Billing which is a very beautiful and charismatic destination, located in the west of Distt. Kangra of Himachal Pradesh, India. This place was first discovered by a foreign tourist. The Billing small grassland, situated on the top of the mountain which is nearly 14 KM away from the village Bir. Billing is nearly 2400 meters high from the sea level. Down the hill of Billing, there is a beautiful Bir Valley comprising several small other villages with many big and small water streams, Fields and dense green forest of pine and other trees. This place has favourable conditions for aero-sports and it was selected for Hang gliding events by the state in 90’s. After that, few small and big events for Paragliding were also held here and it has been gaining a lot of reputation for the past few years. On Oct 2015, Paragliding World Cup India 2015 was held for the very first time here in Bir Billing…

Frequently Asked Questions


Paragliding is a way of flying in the air with the help of a para-glider that allows the pilot to fly freely taking advantage of wind currents, like birds. Do we need to ump from the place. The answer is no. In paragliding, the para-glider is adapted to be off from a slope of a hill or a place which is quite high from normal ground without having to jump off from an aircraft. The normal para-glidier does not have any kind of motor or engine to propel itself. The one having small engine with propeller on the back is called para-motor glider in which an engine to propel itself, but in the case of Paragliding we perform only free flight without motor.


To fly just need to do a training course, Solo Paragliding takes these courses if you are interested, but if what you want is just to live the experience of flying, tandem flights give you the option of flying with an instructor. The instructor who will handle the para-glider while you enjoy the flight.


Solo Paragliding:
In Solo Paragliding, only one man is able to fly the para-glider in the air. First, he needs to go to the edge of a high sloppy hill and gear himself with all the required equipment for flying. Then he needs to check the wind conditions and if the conditions are favourable the he simply needs to run towards the end of sloppy hill. For Solo Paragliding, one need to be fully trained in Paragliding. A well experienced pilots can be able to fly the para-glider.

Tandem Paragliding:
Tandem Paragliding for those who are inexperienced and basically do not know how to fly with a para-glider. This kind of Paragliding is for those who use to come to Bir Billing in a short time and want to enjoy the flying thrills using Tandem Paragliding. In Tandem Paragliding, there are 2 persons flying with single para-glider. For Tandem Paragliding one must be a well trained pilot among them. The pilot usually sits behind the other person and he is the one who is fully responsible for flying the para-glider during the flight time. The other person simply enjoys the adventure of flying.


For a tandem flight you do not need any prior knowledge or special physical condition, the only thing is to wear comfortable shoes and dress that allow you to make a short flying trip.


The flight duration depends on the height of the takeoff and the existence of thermals and / or dynamic, so it is impossible to know how long the flight before seeing these conditions.

Paragliding from the edge of the Billing take-off point, about 2400 meters above sea level, enabling us to secure 10 minute flight, even if there are currents that allow us to stay longer. These 10 minutes is a minimum time, if conditions permit, the flight will last longer.


Paragliding is an adventure sport, and as such has some level of risk we try to minimize using approved equipment, safety (helmet, suitable footwear, ..) and an emergency para-glider we have available in case any incident occurs. We also believe that the best way to prevent accidents is to fly only under favourable weather conditions and experienced pilots. Tandem Paragliding fly only if conditions are completely favourable, without taking risks for the client nor for the pilot, and to date none of our drivers needed to use the emergency para-glider.

Package Details

Overview Of Tour Package
Package: Paragliding in Bir Billing
Package ID: PBBS0000
Season: From October to June End
Location: Bir Billing
Duration of Flight: 10 Minutes – 20 Minutes
Take-off Site: Billing Top (2400 Meters from Sea Level, 14 KM from Bir)
Landing Site: Landing Zone (Sunset Point Near Tibetan Colony) Village Keori
Route: Billing – Bari – Landing site Chougan
Transportation: Included
Price: Per Person Per Ride



List Of Items That Are Included In The Tour
  • Safety Briefing.
  • Equipment for Paragliding Tandem Flying.
  • 10 – 20 minutes flight with experienced pilot.
  • Transportation from Office to Billing Take-off site.
  • Transfer back from the landing site.



List Of Items That Are Not Included In The Tour
  • Hotels / Accommodation
  • Any kind of meal, snacks, bottled water.
  • Transportation to and from Airport/Bus Station.
  • Any Kind of personal expense.
  • Any type of service Tax.
  • Any type of Insurance.
  • Anything not mentioned under Inclusions


Important Instructions

Important Instructions
  • Flying itinerary is subject to change on weather condition or special circumstances.
  • We will be not responsible for your loss of money, electronics or other stuffs, like: Mobile Phones, Wallet, Luggage, etc while touring.
  • Risk Certificate must be filled by Client before start any kind of adventure activity.
  • Package cost will be charged per person per flight.